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Driving With a Child in Your Mazda CX-9
May 25, 2018 webmazdam

Driving With a Child in Your Mazda CX-9

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The Mazda CX-9 is a very safe family car with excellent safety features to protect you and your loved ones in the event of a collision. However, preventing an accident is always the preferable option and this brings us to the focus of this particular article. A recent study in America has found that driving with a child in your car is 12 times more hazardous than using a mobile phone whilst driving. Many of us wrongly believe that we can easily handle a large vehicle despite any kind of distraction. This usually manifests as the desire to phone or even test whilst at the wheel, but a child can literally drive you to distraction.

The Nature of Distraction

A mobile phone may ring, but in most cases, it can easily be ignored if we are being truthful with ourselves. A child acting up or in distress is far harder to ignore, and the situation can easily spiral out of control. Even a careful driver can be driven to engage in risky behaviour in the heat of the moment. I’m sure many drivers with kids will have turned in the driving seat to find out what a child is doing or even reached into the back seat to engage with them. This is alarming, and many drivers don’t even consider the possible consequences of that moment when their attention is not focussed on driving.

The Consequences of Inattention

Imagine that you’re driving at a speed of 80km/hr, your car is travelling along at 22m each and every second. If you’re eyes leave the road for only 5 seconds to correct an issue in the backseat, you will have covered 110m without seeing anything. Obviously, anything that occurs in that five second and 110m window could cause some kind of accident. At 80km/hr that accident could be very serious indeed. Researchers found that an average parent takes their eyes off the road for 3 minutes and 22 seconds during a 16 minute trip. This equates to 21% of the journey being driven whilst distracted and not paying attention to driving!

Some Coping Strategies

Wherever possible ignore looking at or interacting with your kids face to face while driving. If you have to intervene for any reason pull over somewhere safe first before engaging. Lay down strict rules for your children on how they are expected to behave when they are travelling in the car. Make sure the car is stocked with plenty of entertainment options and distractions. On longer trips always try to take frequent breaks to use the restroom and stretch your families legs.

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