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Understanding the Mazda 3: What is EBD?
October 5, 2018 webmazdam

Understanding the Mazda 3: What is EBD?

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The Mazda 3 is an excellent car that’s packed to the brim with useful features. One of the most exciting and least reported features in recent years has been the innovations made in active safety technology. Sadly, many of these features are buried under a plethora of three letter acronyms that most people simply don’t understand. The Mazda 3 has Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) fitted to make driving safer. So, what is EBD and how does it work?


This technology is most commonly known as EBD, but you may also see it referred to as Electronic Brake-force Limitation (EBL). To avoid confusion it’s important to understand that t terms are interchangeable, EBD is EBL and vice versa. For the purposes of this article, we will use the Mazda terminology of EBD as we go forward.

What is EBD?

Essentially, EBD is a combination of hydraulic and electronic technology that will vary the amount of pressure applied to the brakes at each car corner. This provides stronger braking that is much safer, especially in emergency situations. The EBD systems are considered to be active safety equipment, and they can even help to prevent a crash or lessen the effect significantly-

How Does EBD Work?

It’s important to understand that EBD works as part of a suite of active safety technologies and not in isolation to make driving safer. The aim of these systems is to ensure that the car can never get out of control and cause a serious accident. So, EBD can be considered to be a sub-system that is subordinate to Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and anti-lock brakes (ABS).

The ESC systems use complex algorithms to interpret a sensor that monitors the yaw rate around a vertical axis. The steering input is continuously monitored, and the ESC system understands the relationship between the steering and the yaw rate for understeering and oversteering. This helps to determine if the car is starting to go out of control and then the EBD system can safely apply the brakes automatically.

The EBD system will respond to different braking needs far faster than even the most aware driver. Improvement in processing speeds and sensor technology mean that these active safety systems can now be relied upon to improve braking performance. Even the best driver cannot apply varying levels of braking to individual wheels to avoid a collision.

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