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Calculate your estimated repayments for your new Mazda vehicle.
Calculate the guaranteed future value of your Mazda so you can drive with confidence.

Mazda Car Finance

Whatever your situation or reason for needing a car loan (or financing), we’ve got you or your business covered with flexible loan options.

Mazda Assured

This program allows customers to change their vehicle more often and as their lifestyle changes, thanks to the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) concept.

Basically, at the start of your finance plan (up to four years) you receive a GFV figure showing the minimum worth of your car at the end of the term.

Provided you stay within an agreed-upon kilometre cap and there’s no damage beyond “fair wear and tear”, you can either choose to return the car and put this sum into a new Mazda, pay the sum of the GFV and keep your car outright, or just return the car.

Fixed Rate Car Loan

Our traditional Fixed Rate Car Loan offers you flexibility including your choice of loan term and repayment frequency.

All our car loans offer a personalised interest rate that is calculated based on your individual circumstance.

Need More Help With Your Mazda Car Finance?

We understand that finance can be daunting, and you might need more information and clarity. The knowledgeable and patient finance team at Mandurah Mazda can help walk you through and understand your options and discover a Mazda insurance and finance plan for your needs.

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Mazda Car Insurance


Cars have become a necessary part of most people’s lives, as they are convenient for moving around. They are also one of the most expensive things that people will buy in their life, and one of the many costs associated with owning a car is insurance.

Simply put, car insurance is there for your financial protection.

Car repairs can be costly, especially with the increasing amount of sophisticated electronics that are needed to make our lives behind the wheel easier and safer. Even a small and seemingly innocuous bump can easily see costs run into the thousands.

In the event that you are involved in a collision, Mazda insurance will help you cover the cost of damages. It will help cover you for any liabilities, pay accident benefits, and most collision costs.

Even if you are the safest of drivers and manage to avoid collisions on the road, there are some incidents that you will not be able to avoid. Circumstances such as theft, vandalism, and natural disasters like floods and fires.

Car insurance policies can vary in their level of cover and cost of premiums, so you should choose an insurance policy with all the features that suit your needs and budget.

Mazda Car Insurance Policies

Mandurah Mazda offers a range of Mazda car insurance policies to cover a variety of different situations. Mazda Prestige Motor Vehicle Insurance is our special Mazda-exclusive fully comprehensive policy, while Mazda Tyre and Rim Insurance, Mazda Motor Equity Insurance and Mazda Business Loan Protection Insurance are there to complement your comprehensive insurance protection.

If you’re interested to find out more, make sure to approach one of our friendly team members or contact us for more details on the Mazda insurance policies we offer.

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