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A Guide to the Mazda BT 50 Dashboard Warning Lights
May 22, 2018 webmazdam

A Guide to the Mazda BT 50 Dashboard Warning Lights

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The new Mazda BT 50 is a fantastic workhorse, providing a rugged vehicle for all your needs. The model has been designed for excellent comfort and practicality, but even the BT 50 still needs some care and attention to keep operating properly. Many drivers ignore dashboard warning lights with the assumption that it can wait until an annual service. Unfortunately, this could lead to some serious damage. So, here is a brief guide to your dashboard warning lights and what you need to do about them.

Check Engine

This is an icon that is shaped like an engine and illuminates yellow. The check engine symbol tends to illuminate if there is a fault in the electrical, emission or engine systems. If the light illuminates when you’re driving, stop in a safe place and switch off the engine. Allow your engine to cool down for at least 15 minutes before you try restarting. If the light has gone out, you can continue your journey, but it is worth having the engine checked. If the light remains lit, you’ll need to consult the owner’s manual for further instructions.

Oil Warning

This is shaped like an oil can and will light up as a red symbol. This can have several meanings, and it can provide an indication that your oil is low, the oil temperature is too hot, or the oil pressure is incorrect. You should never overlook an oil warning light as any of these issues can cause costly damage to your Mazda BT 50. Stop as soon as it is safe and allow your engine to cool. Once the engine is cool, check your oil level and if this is correct, the light has extinguished, drive cautiously to your local Mazda service center. If you restart the engine and the oil light is still lit, you’ll need to call roadside assistance.

Temperature Warning

In addition to oil, your engine is cooled by a coolant and water mixture. This fluid has a specific range for optimum operation, and if the thermometer symbol illuminates, it is an indication of a problem. When the symbol lights up in a blue colour, your engine is likely to be too cold, while red indicates a hot engine. When the blue symbol is lit, you can drive until the engine warms up and the light will extinguish. If the symbol glows red, you’ll need to pull over and allow your engine to cool down. Check your radiator fluid levels, and if the light stays on, you should call for roadside assistance.

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