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Is Driving in Thongs Illegal?
February 24, 2018 webmazdam

Is Driving in Thongs Illegal?

Is Driving in Thongs Illegal

When they’re looking for a Mazda 3 for sale, Perth based drivers are not likely to spend much time considering their driving footwear choices. Many people in Australia drive their cars wearing loose-fitting footwear including thongs. This is especially true in summer, and this is apparently legal. However, there are some serious points that need to be considered before choosing this type of footwear for driving purposes.

Proper Control

When you buy Mazda 3 cars, you can count on the excellent handling characteristics for better control of your car. However, the car can only react to the input from the driver, and this can be compromised when you wear thongs for driving. Although driving in thongs is technically legal it can get you into trouble with the law in a different way. The Australian police have the power to issue fines to drivers that are not deemed to be in proper control of their vehicles. This may seem ambiguous, and it is a bit of a catchall term for a wide variety of different behaviours. That being said, if you are weaving in traffic or driving in an erratic manner and stopped by the police your choice of footwear may be taken into consideration.

Other Potential Consequences

There is no specific reference to driving insurance exclusion based upon the particular types of footwear worn when driving. However, most Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) for insurance cover will deny coverage if the driver engages in dangerous acts or drives in a negligent manner. This could have serious consequences for the driver, and if you want to drive in thongs, it may be a good idea to discuss the PDS with your insurance provider.

A Better Choice

Most driving professionals recommend wearing proper shoes for driving vehicles. It may be legal to drive even barefoot, but you will have little to no control over the pedals in an emergency. Of course, you can always carry a pair of thongs in the footwell and simply change into them when you’ve parked up. If this is your plan, place the thongs behind your driving seat when they are not in use and then they cannot interfere with your driving.

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