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Mazda 2 vs VW Polo
September 15, 2021 Mandurah Mazda Team

Mazda 2 vs VW Polo – Who Comes Out On Top?

Not all small cars are created equal – and not all models will be the right fit for you, depending on your priorities and preferences in a vehicle. Whether you’re looking for optimum safety, performance, design or a mix of everything, let’s take a look and compare the Mazda 2 G15 GT vs VW Polo 85TSI Comfortline.


Safety features are an important detail of every car, and with so many great features on the market today, you don’t have to settle for less. When comparing the Mazda 2 vs VW Polo, both have an ANCAP safety rating of 5 stars – but as we will see, they don’t both have the same safety inclusions.

Both the vehicles include features that aim to avoid collisions or reduce the impact in the event of an inevitable collision. The main safety features of the Polo include blind-spot monitoring, rear traffic alert, and a driver fatigue detection system. The Polo in this model doesn’t come equipped with as many safety features as Mazda always includes in their cars.

As well as blind-spot monitoring, rear cross traffic alert and emergency brake assist, the Mazda 2 GT features an anti-lock braking system, dynamic stability control, lane departure warnings and front and rear parking sensors. A reversing camera, traction control system and smart city brake support all increase the safety of the vehicle, and the intuitiveness of the drive.

Fuel Efficiency

Fuel efficiency is a vital aspect to examine in any new car, so we’ll be examining the efficiency of the Mazda 2 vs VW Polo. Volkswagen states that the fuel consumption on their Polo 85TSI Comfortline for a combined cycle is somewhere between 5-5.6L per 100km, with a fuel tank capacity of 40L.

Mazda 2 Fuel Efficiency

Similarly, fuel consumption of the Mazda 2 for combined cycle is 5.3L per 100km, with a fuel tank capacity of 44L.


The Polo has been around for a while – and so it has to be said that it offers a reliable, refined drive. However, due to its increase in size from earlier models, the VW Polo 85TSI Comfortline can be sluggish at lower speeds and feel unresponsive. Volkswagen states the maximum engine power is somewhere between 70 and 85kW.

Powered by a 1.5 litre in-line 4 cylinder petrol engine, you’ll be impressed by the smooth handling of the Mazda 2, well-suited to the city and urban streets. The front-wheel drive six-speed Skyactiv-Drive automatic transmission offers a comfortable, light ride. Maximum engine power sits at 82kW at 6000rpm, plenty of power for a car of this size.


The Polo features a redesigned dashboard and a leather steering wheel, with a front centre armrest for comfort. It boasts connectivity with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and several other cosmetic features such as illuminated vanity mirrors. The increased size of this model means there is more legroom for you and your passengers and a large 350-litre boot space. However, as we saw, the performance of the car pays a price for the extra room.

The stylish Mazda 2 features tasteful splashes of leather, including a leather steering wheel, handbrake and trims on the seats. A 7-inch colour infotainment touchscreen adds to the luxury in the cabin, with compatibility to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Built-in satellite navigation, rear-view mirror with auto-dimming functionality, and the hassle-free keyless start all increase comfort and experience for the driver. The boot offers an ample 250 litres of space.

Other Features

The Polo comes with LED daytime driving lights and rain-sensing windscreen wipers. This model features 15-inch alloy wheels.

At your specification, Mazda offers metallic paint at a smaller premium than that of VW for their Polo. In the Mazda, enjoy additional features including electric folding side mirrors, daytime running lights, LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, fog sensors and rain-sensing windscreen wipers. The Mazda 2 includes 16-inch alloy wheels.

The VW Polo 85TSI Comfortline is an adequate small car, with decent fuel efficiency, performance and interiors. However, it includes barely any safety features when compared to the Mazda 2 and what is available on the market today, and the increase in size has affected the performance of the car. Additional extras can easily drive up the price tag, as it’s missing many inclusions found in the Mazda 2.

Get Behind The Wheel Of A Mazda

With all the assurance and safety of a Mazda, the Mazda 2 G15 GT offers a well-appointed interior, fuel efficiency, smooth performance and great safety features. Equipped with Mazda’s five-year unlimited-kilometre warranty and five-year roadside assistance, you get the added peace of mind of knowing you’ll be taken care of long after you leave the showroom.

If you’re looking to find out more about the Mazda 2 from your Mazda dealers in Perth, get in touch with us here at Mandurah Mazda. We’d love to show you everything the Mazda 2 has to offer you, and get you in the driver’s seat for an obligation-free test drive so you can experience it for yourself. Head down to our dealership to check out the range of Mazdas for sale.

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