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Small, Economical and So Much Fun. The Mazda 3
September 29, 2020 Mandurah Mazda Team
Mazda 3 for sale in Perth

Small, Economical and So Much Fun. The Mazda 3

Mazda is well-known for crafting a “fun-to-drive” personality into its vehicles. And the Mazda 3 is a good example as any vehicle that embodies that exact personality, being highly ranked consistently in areas of performance, comfort, and styling by critics and owners alike. 

The Philosophy of Jinba-Ittai

The secret to instilling joy into each Mazda vehicle lies in the carmaker’s human-centric design philosophy, meaning a return to fundamental mechanics—not of the automobile, but of the human body.  And the key concept behind this philosophy is that of Jinba-Ittai.

Roughly translated, the Japanese phrase Jinba-Ittai means person and horse as one body. It reflects the feeling that the sense of oneness between a rider and his beloved horse is the ultimate bond. This is a bond that Mazda has worked tirelessly to recreate, where the vehicles seemingly feel like an extension of the driver.

Based on Jinba-Ittai, the car is engineered so that it behaves in line with human sensations and our innate sense of balance. For example, you should feel just as perfectly in tune whether simply looking for a spot in a car park or powering through the winding roads of the karri forest.

Engineered for Fun

What matters even more than looks and performance? It’s how a car feels when you drive it. And that’s where Mazda has poured all its focus into. Far from simply being a practical solution for getting from point A to point B, Mazda wants their owners to feel a sense of confidence and enjoyment when they get behind the wheel. 

This is basically achieved by well engineered performance and handling in combination with a feeling of travelling in class and style. 

To provide the first component, engineers at Mazda created what they term SKYACTIV Technology. This encompasses designing more powerful yet highly economical engines (the latest being the SkyActiv-X used in the Mazda 3’s top trim X20 Astina), as well as reimagining every element of the car to improve efficiency and maximise dynamics. 

For example G-Vectoring Control is the first technology of Mazda’s SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS technologies by seamlessly adjusting power delivery and shifting vehicle weight. The result is sharp and accurate steering response, impressive cornering abilities, better grip even in poor weather conditions, and an overall smoother driving experience and reduced driver fatigue, with less jolting and jarring motions.

Luxury and More

As well as a distinctive and striking (not to mention award-winning) exterior design, you can feel the confidence and warmth simply by sitting down inside a Mazda 3. The driver-centric dashboard and console design is sure to bring a smile and an itch to start the engine. A beautiful and functional cabin follows a less is more approach. Quality is from top to bottom, with beautifully crafted detailing on the dashboard, centre console and door panels. Settling in the seats with supple leather trim, you’d be forgiven for thinking you were in a more expensive, luxury branded vehicle. 

Today, Jinba-Ittai isn’t solely about chassis dynamics; it has transformed into a word that encapsulates Mazda’s entire philosophy including safety and design, and all that has been delivered in the Mazda 3 Perth.

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