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Are Demo Cars A Good Buy?
February 2, 2023 Mandurah Mazda Team
Are Demo Cars A Good Buy

Are Demo Cars A Good Buy?

The used vs new car debate has been raging for a long time with no clear answer as to which option is the way to go. There is, however, a third option—the demo car.

Are Demo Cars Considered New Or Used?

They’re not really considered to be either, so in that case what exactly are they? Well, a demo model car, or a demonstrator vehicle, is often simply the display car in the showroom, but sometimes they may be used by a dealership for potential buyers to test drive. They might also be used by brand executives and sales staff for promotional or personal use so that they can get to know the car that they will be trying to sell.

How Many Kilometres Will A Demo Car Have On The Clock?

Kilometers on Demo Car

A demonstrator model will likely have done pretty low mileage, especially if it has only served as a display car. In Australia, a demonstrator car with less than 5,000 km on the odometer is generally considered acceptable. Some people may therefore consider them to be used, but they generally have so few kilometres on the clock that the condition of the car is as good as one that has just rolled off the production line.

Are Demo Cars Worth Buying?

Are Demo Cars Worth Buying

A demo car can be the best way to find a great deal on an almost brand new model, with you being able to leave with the keys in hand the same day. Are demo cars cheaper? You bet they are. A Mazda demo car from our Mandurah Mazda dealership can come with a discount of up to $5,000. That’s a pretty decent chunk out of the price tag of a car that is essentially new. This means you might end up with a higher spec car that includes features such as leather seats, sunroof and other luxuries at a bargain price.

They’re also ready for potential customers to drive them away. Unlike what sometimes happens when you buy a brand-new car where there is a waiting period, the car you’re purchasing is in stock and ready for you to drive away.

Another upside to buying a demo model is that because they are usually only up to a year old, yours will still be under warranty when you drive it out of the showroom. It’s worth keeping in mind that the new car warranty period may have begun when the car entered the showroom, so you should ask the dealer how long it has left before it expires.

When is The Best Time To Buy A Demo?

If the latest model of a vehicle is being launched, car dealers will most likely want to sell the current stock of demo vehicles to make space for the brand-new version. Two to three months after the launch can usually be a good time to look into buying a demo car for sale to get the best value.

Are There Any Downsides To Buying Demo Runout Models?

There are some very minor drawbacks to buying a discounted price demo. One of which being that you have less choice in what you buy. When buying brand new, you get to choose a particular model with the colour and features that you want. With a demo, the car you’re buying is already a complete package so you’re buying it as is. You may get lucky and find the model you want with the features and colour that you also want, but in most cases you’re going to have to settle on some compromises in exchange for the lower price.

Of course, they also have higher mileage than new vehicles. However, this is often negligible because the first few thousand miles of a car’s life are supposed to be taken at an easy pace to wear the engine in. This means you’re highly unlikely to drive away with a car that has any mechanical wear or tear.

So, Are Demo Cars A Good Buy?

Are Demo Cars A Good Buy

If you’re looking for a good deal on a new set of wheels without breaking your budget, then the best option may very well be to keep an eye on the ex-demo cars at your local car dealerships. And if it’s the time of year when the latest models start arriving, you might even find yourself with a few amazing deals on offer.

Demo cars can be pretty popular though, so you might have to be pretty quick before all the good deals get snapped up by other eagle-eyed customers.

Enquire About Our Models

If the idea of being able to drive away the same day with a new car appeals to you, why not pop in. Drop into Mandurah Mazda or book a test drive to get a feel of the car along with the chance for great deals on used and demo vehicles. Hopefully we can send you home with an absolute bargain!

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