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The Mazda 6 Accessories You Need For Your Car
January 25, 2021 Dilate Manager
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The Mazda 6 Accessories You Need For Your Car

The Mazda 6 is a wonderful car as is, but you can make it even better with the right Mazda 6 parts and accessories. Here are some useful accessories that can help add more to your Mazda 6 experience.

Roof Racks

Although there is a lot of space to be found in the back of the Mazda 6, some things just won’t fit nice and neatly, or maybe you just need more room. The easiest way to expand your carrying capacity is to install a Mazda Genuine Roof Rack. Designed by Mazda for the Mazda 6, this roof rack is the ideal method for safely and securely carrying loads of up to 75kg.

There are many outdoor activities that couples and families can enjoy together. Taking into the account of the unique shapes and therefore methods requirements for carrying the equipment of some of the most popular sporting pursuits, the clever engineers at Mazda have designed special add-ons to the Mazda Genuine Roof Rack in order to make the task of transporting such equipment simple and fuss-free.

Universal Carrier

Leave nothing behind on your next outdoor adventure with this versatile attachment. Designed to hold multiple sets of skis, snowboards or fishing rods, it is handy to have fitted on top.

Bike Rack Wheel On and Bike Rack Wheel Off

For the keen cyclists out there you have a choice of two options, depending on if you need to carry the bikes with or without the wheels attached. Logically named Bike Rack Wheel On and Bike Rack Wheel Off, there’s a quick and easy way to carry your two-wheeler whether you’re on the way to join the Tour Down Under or your favourite downhill track.

Kayak Holder

With the Kayak Holder, you have a one-stop solution to quickly fit and secure a kayak, canoe or similar sized watercraft for transport, meaning less time fiddling around and more time spent on the water.

Rear Seat Holder for iPad

It’s like having a mini television sitting high up behind the front seat headrest and a great way to keep the kids in the back entertained on long trips by letting them watch their favourite show. With the tablet fitted securely in this holder designed to the dimensions of the iPad, there’s no need to worry about the little ones dropping it.

Tow Bar Kit

Another great way to increase and maximise the carrying capacity of the Mazda 6 is to hitch a load behind it. Perfect for pulling box trailers for transporting furniture or other bulky goods, boat/jet ski trailers down to the local boat ramp, even a small caravan or camper trailer for that well-deserved road trip out to the bush or around the state.

The Genuine Mazda Tow Bar is designed to integrate with your Mazda CX-9’s chassis seamlessly and makes light work of carrying loads up to 2000kg (braked). The full kit includes the tow bar, trailer wiring harness, chrome tow ball and chrome tow ball cover.

Retractable Cargo Cover

Just one of several accessories for the back, this easy-to-install and fully retractable cover for the Mazda CX-9 boot will keep your valuables safe and hidden from prying eyes.

For genuine Mazda parts in Perth, or if you’d like to discuss what Mazda 6 accessories will be best for your lifestyle, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team down at Mandurah Mazda.

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