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What Is G-Vectoring Control In A Mazda? | Mandurah Mazda
February 26, 2021 Mandurah Mazda Team
What Is G-Vectoring Control in a Mazda

What Is G-Vectoring Control in a Mazda?

With the introduction of SkyActiv technology, Mazda has made breakthrough innovations and taking cars to the next level, and raises the performance even further with SkyActiv Vehicle Dynamics systems that work with its range of SkyActiv engines.

The purpose is to amplify and realise the concept of what Mazda calls “Jinba-Ittai”, which basically translates to “the horse and rider as one”. This means creating a sense of connectedness between car and driver like never before, and the car should respond to the driver as if it was an extension of our own body.

What is G-Vectoring Control and why do we need it?

As part of SkyActiv Vehicle Dynamics, G-Vectoring Control is an electronic system that improves stability, increases traction and reduces driver workload, while also providing all occupants with a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. It is the result of many years of hard work by the folks at Mazda studying not only cars but also on how people drive.

They noticed that for instance when doing a turn, the driver is, at a subconscious level, predicting how the car will respond to that first steering input and then making adjustments when the response isn’t exactly as they expected.

The problem is that there isn’t always an immediate response to a steering input. When there’s some delay or lack of response the driver will speed up their steering input, but just when they do that the car will start to respond more quickly and so they have back off again. And all these constant corrections happen without the driver really noticing that they are doing it.

The reason the response isn’t exactly what the driver expects comes from the way the front tyres respond when you turn the wheel. Even small changes in throttle position can change the steering response since the car pitches back under acceleration taking the weight off the tyres and pitches forward when you are engine braking.

How does G-Vectoring Control?

Harnessing this effect, the smart folks at Mazda created an advanced software program that operates both the vehicle’s steering and engine control systems together. To keep it simple and without getting too much into all the physics involved, G-Vectoring Control reduces the engine power output ever so slightly when the driver turns the wheel. This pitches the car forward, putting a little bit more weight on the front tyres, making them respond more directly. This is a small but powerful change that makes the car’s response consistent enough that the driver’s subconscious can now accurately predict how the car will turn.

So basically when you drive a car with G-Vectoring Control you’ll feel more in control, more confident, and ultimately you’ll have more fun.

A wonderful experience for everyone

As a driver, you’ll also find you’re less fatigued on a long trip, as you’re no longer working as hard subconsciously behind the wheel. Your passengers will appreciate this too, because they felt each one of those corrections that you used to make. Now that you’re driving more smoothly, the ride for them will be more comfortable as well.

Which Mazda models have G-Vectoring Control?

The good news is that pretty much the whole range of current Mazdas come with G-Vectoring Control (or the newer G-Vectoring Control Plus), all the way from Mazda 2 to Mazda 6 or Mazda CX-30. The notable exception is the Mazda MX-5, which isn’t too big a deal because directness and precision of driving is already part of its sports-oriented design.

If you’re in the market for a new car, make sure you head down to Mandurah Mazda, a top Mazda dealership in Perth, and take one out for a test drive today. As a fun little challenge, see if you can notice the difference between having G-Vectoring Control on and off.

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