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Mazda 2 vs Mazda 3 – Which Is Best For You?
January 4, 2021 Mandurah Mazda Team
Mazda2 car For Sale

Mazda 2 vs Mazda 3 – Which Is Best For You?

Although the Mazda 2 and Mazda 3 aren’t necessarily direct competitors, many people do tend to compare the two when looking at investing in a new Mazda. Belonging to different car classes and price points, they are obviously more suited to different people, depending on what you are using it for and what budget you are willing to spend. We’ll be taking a look at the Mazda 2 vs Mazda 3, helping you to understand the ins and outs of each car. This way, you’ll know exactly which car is best for you, so you can be confident in your choice next time you walk into Mazda dealers in Perth

Mazda 2 

G15 Pure | Hatch driveaway from – $21,990

Mazda2 car For Sale

Straight off the bat, the Mazda 2 is obviously a smaller car, though it does have a bit of a higher ride height in comparison to the sporty Mazda 3 model. The Mazda 2 hatchback has a 6-speed automatic, 1.5L 4 cylinder engine, which does offer quite an enjoyable drive.

Both the Mazda 2 and 3 are fitted with a G-Vectoring Control, which gives you a boost in handling on those twisty and windy roads. The Mazda 2 does give you a solid amount of boot space, being able to hold 44L of cargo. This means it’s perfect for fitting in a pram and some suitcases if you’re planning on taking it out on a family road trip. 

The Mazda 2 is also perfect for those looking to save a few more dollars on fuel, as it has an impressive fuel economy of around 5.3L per 100kms. 


The Mazda 2 comes with a 7-inch touchscreen display with USB, Aux and Bluetooth connectivity options. Although the 3 is certainly more abundant with features, the Mazda 2 still holds its head high in its class, with push-button start, keyless entry and quality leather seats. 


Much like the rest of the Mazda fleet, the Mazda 2 is staying proactive in updating safety features as the new models roll out. Auto emergency braking (AEB) comes standard across all models, as well as rear cross-traffic alert, reversing camera, lane departure warning system and pedestrian detection. 

Both the sedan and hatchback models also have six airbags and two ISOFIX child seat anchor points, which makes the 2 a worthy option for a young family. If you’re looking for a compact city-suited car, the Mazda 2 is the way to go.

Mazda 3

G20 Pure | Hatch or Sedan driveaway from – $29,014

Mazda 3 for sale in Perth

As the more expensive, sportier and feature-rich car, the Mazda 3 offers a different kind of drive. If you’re more of a fan of sedans, then the Mazda 3 will definitely be your preferred choice. Being the sportier one of the two, the Mazda 3 features a 2L in-line 4 cylinder engine in the standard G20 Pure model. 

With the larger 51L fuel tank, you’ll be able to get further while taking advantage of the increased torque and horsepower too. Similar to the Mazda 2, the 3 has claimed a great fuel consumption of about 5.7L/100km. 


The Mazda 3, as its price tag suggests, has a few more in-car entertainment options when you step inside the cabin. First of all, there’s a larger 8.8 inch LCD monitor, with the added sound quality of 12 Bose speakers as well. There are also electrically adjustable seats, a push start button and cruise control, perfect for those long highway commutes. 


Although the Mazda 3 has the same five-star ANCAP safety rating of the Mazda 2, the 3 has a few more safety features under the hood. The smart city brake support with pedestrian recognition makes city driving safer, helping to monitor whether you’re heading towards a collision and apply the brakes automatically if necessary. 

The Mazda Radar Cruise Control with stop & go monitors your speed and adjusts it to help keep a safe distance between you and the car ahead. It’s also handy in traffic jams as it will bring you to a complete halt and then take off once the traffic starts moving. 

The Verdict 

The choice between Mazda 2 vs Mazda 3 really comes down to what budget you’re working with and type of driving you’re going to be doing. If you’re someone who really values top-notch safety features and are wanting to maximise your driving enjoyment, the Mazda 3 is the way to go.

However, if you’re tighter on money, and are looking for a compact hatchback that can easily be parked all throughout the city, then you should check out the affordable Mazda 2. You can check out our full Mazda 2 review for a more in-depth analysis of the car. 

If you’d like any further information on either vehicle, give our friendly team at Mandurah Mazda a call today. The only way to get a real feel for the car is to get behind the wheel, so we can help book a test drive in for you, so you can see which one is truly best for you.

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