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Here at Mandurah Mazda we have a number of Mazda demo cars for sale, as well as our range of Mazda used cars, perfect for people looking to save some money by not buying a brand spanking new vehicle. Demo cars may not have only been driven by potential customers after a test drive, but also employees, other business associates or even family members linked to the dealership. Demo cars are not considered used vehicles as they are generally only a few months old and have less than 5000km on the odometer. But due to their demonstrative use, they are usually priced lower than a comparable ‘new’ car and can be a really good deal, but you still need to be careful. To assist your decision, these important considerations will help ensure you get the most out of your demo car.

Best time to buy

The best time to buy a dealer demo car is when it is heading towards the end of its 2-3 month run on the lot. Dealerships get a specific ‘bonus’ from the manufacturer to run each demo vehicle, so there are often demo models available, although not all models are always available. Demo vehicles are regularly switched to ensure they are still sold with plenty of registration and warranty coverage, meaning that those coming to the end of their run may have their price reduced further.

The history of the car

All dealers should have official paperwork covering the activity of the demo car. Discussing the history of the demo car is important as you need to know how much it has been driven and how this might have affected the vehicle. Even only 2000km on the clock could mean 200 people have taken it for a short test drive, some of whom may have really put the car through its paces. Chances are not everyone drove this car carefully and there may be a fair amount of wear and tear. You should also find out whether it has undergone any repairs or had any technical issues to avoid any nasty surprises further down the line.

When was the car registered and when did the factory warranty start

As the manufacturers push towards their sales targets they often offer dealerships cash incentives to take on a large allocation of vehicles and declare them as sold, even before customers have chosen them. These are known as ‘called cars’ but are often referred to as demo cars in the dealership, and are actually brand new cars that you’ll be able to save a good amount of money on. However, as warranty begins from when the car was declared as sold, not necessarily actually sold to the customer, it is essential that you check when the car was registered and when the warranty started. Some brands and dealers are able to change the date the warranty commences, whereas others are fixed, however, either way it’s always good to know how long you are covered for.

These questions should be at the front of your mind when you’re next considering purchasing a demo vehicle from your dealership. If you’re interested in looking at demo vehicles or our range of Mazda used cars, Perth, our dedicated sales team at Mandurah Mazda is on hand to assist you with any queries.

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